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Rhythm & Jam

Skate Classes

Come Join the fun and learn some new skate moves, with coaches Ezra and Shaun. We will be training technical skating along with many different dance steps and footwork, rhythm and jam skating, to music. Skate by yourself, or learn to skate in couples or groups. We will be covering lots of different skills from basic to advanced, holds, transitions, travels, turns, combinations, stunts, and even jumping for those who are ready! Bring your friends!


Lesson 7:00pm-8:00pm - Free Skate 8:00pm-8:30pm

July 1st - July 22nd
August 5th - August 26th

Pre-register: $100/Skater for 4 classes (60 minute classes, plus 30 minutes of free skate following the class).

Walk-Ins: $30/Skater for 1 class (60 minute class, plus 30 minutes of free skate following the class).

*Only available for purchase in person day of.*

Must be 14 years old or older.
Must have toestops or toeplugs (toeplugs recommended).

Required skills:
Should be able to skate forward and backward, good balance and working on either one or two foot turns.  

For pre-registration, the course begins on the first available Monday of each month then occurs the next 3 Mondays following that. When registering, select the Monday of the month that you wish to begin taking the course. This will still sign you up for the 4 class pack, but only the first Monday will be an option to select.

*Personal skates are subject to inspection for use.*

**Online Registration will end at midnight on the Thursday prior to the first Monday of every month. If you miss the pre-registration cutoff, you may be able to drop-in and pay on the day of (depending on availability) for the first Monday of the month only.**

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Saturday all ages lessons are pre-registration only. Click here for more information.
​Sunday all ages lessons are 11am-12pm for drop-ins only. Click here for more information.