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Beginner Skating Lessons

Taking these classes are the first steps towards becoming a better roller skater, ​participating in a sport that is not only great for kids, friends and family, but is a lot of fun. Whether or not you have skated before or this is your first time, this is the perfect environment for you to learn basic and advanced skating skills.

Saturday lessons are pre-registration only. Read below for more information.

​Sunday lessons are 11am-12pm for drop-ins only. Click here for more information.


Signing up for classes at the Lynnwood Bowl and Skate, has allowed you a special opportunity to be coached and instructed by a National Champion Coach with World Championship experience!!! The coach, Ezra Thompson, has been coaching beginner classes for over 20 years, and has taught thousands of kids and adults how to roller skate. He is also the coach for the Eagles, a competitive figure skating club here at the Lynnwood Bowl and Skate. 


The Classes have been divided up into 2 levels:

Level 1 – Lesson 11:00am-11:30am - Practice for level 1 will be @ 11:30am-12:00pm
Level 2 – Lesson 11:30am-12:00pm - Practice for level 2 will be @ 11:00am-11:30am

Please arrive by 10:45am for check in for both Level 1 and Level 2.

This is a 4 week (30 minute) class program, that will begin on the first available Saturday of each month. There will be no refunds.

$100 per student - includes the 4 week (30 minute) class program and the Open Skate session that begins after each lesson

Level 1 is for the first time skaters who have had little or no experience skating at all. This class is also great for adults who haven’t skated in years and would like to get back into it again. In Level 1, you will be learning some basic skating techniques and getting important knowledge as to how your body and skates interact with each other. Some of the things you will learn in Level 1 include getting up and down, T-position, moving forward, stopping, finding your balance, maneuvering, balancing, and even scissors and some backward skating.

Level 2 is for the more experienced skaters who have skated a lot before or the ones who have taken the Level 1 class and feel confident that they are ready for Level 2. In Level 2, you will be learning some more advanced techniques including circular and straight away cross-over’s forward and backward, speed stopping, shoot the duck, backward scissors, Mohawk turns, even some turning and jumping. Most of the skaters who finish Level 1 usually continue on to Level 2.

Please try and arrive by 10:45am to check in so that you can get you can get your skates on and be ready to start on time. If you arrive late, just get your skates on quickly and join us on the floor.

*Doors open at the skate entrance on the south side of the building at 10:30amPersonal skates must be inspected by a staff member before being used on our floor.*

It is suggested, but not required, that you use quads instead of rollerblades for the classes. It is much easier to learn all skills on quads, and transfer over to rollerblades later if that is what you want, but some of the things we learn in class can be difficult to learn on rollerblades, so please use quads for the class although all types of skates are welcome.

Safety gear is not required to participate in either of the levels, but you are welcome to wear safety gear if you would prefer to. If you choose to wear safety gear, please make sure that any padding or helmets you use fit properly and are in working condition, as it can often be less helpful to wear gear if it doesn’t fit properly. Again, this is not a requirement for the class. Used safety gear is available at skate counter if needed.

It is suggested that you try and skate at least once between each class as this will give you the opportunity to practice the skills you learn in class, and will help you improve quicker.

If you join Level 1 and feel that it is too easy, we can move you into Level 2 at no additional cost to finish out your monthly class. This will be at the coaches authority.

For those who can’t make Saturday’s classes, we will also continue to offer a walk-in option for beginners on Sunday's from 11am to 12pm for $25 admission (includes the Open Skate session following the lesson). This will be geared towards beginners only and doesn’t require pre-registration.

$100 per student - includes the 4 week (30 minute) class program and the Open Skate session that begins after each lesson. Course will begin on the first available Saturday of each month.

*Online Registration will end at midnight on the Thursday prior to the first Saturday of every month. If you miss the pre-registration cutoff, you may be able to drop-in and pay on the day of (depending on availability) for the first Saturday of the month only.*

Click Here to Register for Saturday Skate Lessons

A message from Head Coach, Ezra Thompson

Rolling Forward…

Level 1 complete!!!
Most skaters after level 1 move on to learn more and better develop their skating skills in level 2. Depending on age and skill level, some may decide to repeat level 1.

How do we know if they are ready for level 2?
Here is a list of things that will help you determine if they are ready for level 2. Of course you may ask me, and I can tell you if they are ready.

They can skate forwards using both left and right foot with control.

They are able to stop with control (using the toestop).

They are able to get up from a fall easily.

Level 2 complete!!!
Beginner classes only have 2 levels as of now. I have a lot of skaters repeat the 2nd Level to continue improving their skating skills that they have learned. After level 2 participation is done, your child has most likely learned all the skills they need and more to be a great recreational skater!!!

My child loves skating and wants to continue with lessons?
This is very common, as skating is so much fun. I coach the Eagles, which is a competitive Roller Figure Skating Club here at Lynnwood Bowl and Skate. We are one of the most successful and fastest growing clubs in the Pacific Northwest!! I am a National Champion Coach who has created many Regional and National Champions and also has international placements and have taken skaters to the World Championships. If your child is interested in figure skating, you are in the right place! We have a great club with boys and girls, ages ranging from 4 years old to adults. Please feel free to email me with any questions @ everetteagles@hotmail.com Also, you may check out some great skating videos on our YouTube or like our Facebook

Should I buy skates for my child?
Yes! But make sure you are buying the proper skates for their needs. Different types of skating require different types of skates. You might buy an artistic boot and plate for figure skating, but would need a different type of skate for speed skating or derby or for recreation. Indoor and outdoor skates are also different options. I suggest using the quad rentals until you know what they are really interested in doing. Once they have completed level 2 class, would be a great time to look into buying them skates of their own. I can make some suggestions for you, or you can speak to an employee at the Lynwood Bowl and Skate.

Thank you…
Ezra Thompson, Head Coach
Everett Eagles

Downloadable Documents:

Beginner Welcome Packet

 Rolling Forward